DJ Devin

If you're planning on a DJ performing at your  event you might want to consider our DJ service. Not only is our DJ service a great deal , our DJ is both a great DJ and  a great MC. He is very skilled at managing the flow of events that make up special events.. He doesn't over do it nor does he under do it. He gets it just right. He programs music with intention and continuity, reads the crowd before himself. He's very friendly, well mannered, and his commitment to Company Tonight has contributed to our success. 
Devin is a seasoned pro with a great speaking voice and the results to back it up. He is the head of his start-up company Pro Voices  Voice-Over & Multimedia Productions and works as Multimedia Productions & Sales Professional.  His ambition is inspiring and his commitment to both his work and his family  is more than admirable. Most importantly, you can count on him to keep the party going (however you want it to go).
Our sound system features 2000 watts, state of the art self-powered JBL professional sound gear, a Serratto Pro DJ multi-channel mixing board, cordless or hard-lined microphone, lighting designs, and a smoke a smoke machine. The DJ console rests and locks on wheels so the sound system is portable. That said, it can be used in more than 1 location. For example, if the wedding ceremony is not close to the reception are and requires sound, the console can be move after the ceremony to reception area without missing too many beats. Our DJ Service starts at $1200. And of course, you can use another DJ and still work with our catering team.

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